With Consilience Ventures, you can leverage your skills to add value to startups and earn while you do it.

TOGETHER, WE CAN change the game

What we look for in our top tier experts

We have created a market where experts who have a real passion for nurturing the next generation of talented founders and start-ups can apply their skills while being rewarded for the value they bring to the community.

Many of the members of the CV management team have worked in agencies and know that working with enterprise clients can be challenging and can require heavy resourcing and man hours, similar to the workload you would expect for a corporate client. Even when a small start-up does end up raising their first big round, they can often leave you for a larger agency that will do exactly the same job but for triple the price.

The Consilience Ventures approach is different. Firstly, all our start-ups are pre-qualified, curated and voted on to the network, creating a community where client-expert relationships can be formed over the long run. Secondly, our unique financing model significantly de-risks the transaction and has liquidity built in.

Our aim is to augment ROTI (Return On Time Invested). We reward expert service providers based on performance. Every stakeholder shares in the success of the platform, which builds a collaborative and safe environment to do business, and ensures the highest quality from everyone involved. As an expert in the community, you will also help to select the start-ups that have the best prospects for the Consilience Ventures community.

Consilience Ventures is a curated invite only platform and we would like to hear from you if you want to discuss the benefits and value that your services can bring to our promising start-ups. If you would like to know more about our network, please send us a request to be invited to our community via the contact page.

Our mission

Increase revenue & get in early with the start-ups of the future

    • Gain a higher fee rate for your work, based on the value of the Consilience Ventures portfolio
    • Tap into the future value of our complete portfolio of start-ups as they grow, whether you work directly with them or not

Zero investment fee & unique blockchain structure

    • Nothing to do with cryptocurrency
    • Consilience Ventures does not require any transaction fees

Meaningful collaborations with start-ups

  • Apply your business experience to help nurture exciting young companies by joining with Consilience Ventures’ so we can optimise value creation for all members

Consilience Ventures for Experts

Built with quality & transparency


Manifesto of user rules

We incentivise good behaviour as we all work towards one common goal

Blockchain and open source

We deliver trust, transparency and tech community engagement


We understand where Consilience Ventures can help each business throughout their growth trajectory and we have no time limit on our support.