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At Consilience Ventures we believe that sweat equity doesn’t work and that we need to give our experts more than just “skin in the game”.
We are offering the opportunity to share in the same benefits as investors across the whole portfolio of hand-picked tech start-ups.

Would you be a great addition to the GEN?

We’ve spent the last two years carefully curating our Global Expert Network (GEN) to have a diverse array of professional members who are highly experienced with startup growth and the challenges startups face.  Our experts represent an array of professional disciplines –  from IP Lawyers, to Data Scientists, to PR Experts and many other disciplines.   We have our startups’ needs in mind at all times, and as our portfolio grows, so too does our need for greater depth and breadth within the network.

Our innovative model addresses the three big challenges that have traditionally kept mentors and experts away from working with startups:


Working with startups is inherently risky if you don’t know how healthy that startup is. The GEN rejects 95% of the startups we meet -those who make it through are fully vetted and pre-qualified so that there are fewer surprises later down the line. We empower the network to make the decisions on the startups that we invest in.


Our ecosystem currency, CVDS, helps experts profit from the performance of the whole portfolio, not just the single company they are working with.This model allows our experts to be rewarded in the same way as investors – opening up an asset class to a new wave of industry professionals who want to invest their time.


The risk in more traditional service models is that experts can get left behind in the fundraising journey. Our model is to create long term partnerships between our Experts and our startup management teams. We believe that when our experts are an extension of a startup team they do their best work, and as a result, value is added across the whole of our startup portfolio.

Our Vision

Want to know more about how we select Start-ups?

We look for startups that are poised to scale and are looking for strategic growth but aren’t afraid to talk about the challenges they face :


We make sure we spend a lot of time
assessing the skill sets in the management
teams and if they are open and willing to
look at a program of change across their
business to meet the challenges to


Our investment team spend a significant amount of time looking at startup product market fit and GAP analysis to execution to be able to pull together a Sprint Finance Road Map. 

Sprint Finance

Once we know the challenges to execution a startup faces, we can help work with their team to put agile sprint financing rounds in place to help achieve strategic growth by deploying capital and services.

Are you ready to invest in the #NewVCModel

we believe in a high-risk sector, you should always set the bar high