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Welcome to the Consilience Ventures Video Hub

We recognise that your time is valuable, and where a picture can say a thousand words we believe a video can get our core value propositions across to you at a top level and hopefully encourage you to get in touch with us to learn more about what we do.

We unlock the value between start-ups, business experts and investors.

We challenge the Waterfall/Series-A method of financing, changing the status quo. Our approach mitigates risk, while our enhanced due diligence process (through a global network of experts) is one of the best in class. We leverage experienced management teams, vision, and extensive networks to build a platform to provide all three of these community member groups the opportunity to nurture the next wave of innovation. Through our block chain technology, we are able to offer investors the ability to invest directly into companies via our CVDS (which is a unit of exchange) with zero investment fees.

Learn how we invite our experts and start-ups to enter our selection process

As a community of Investors, Start-Ups and Experts, how we select those members becomes mission critical. With her expertise in Finance & Data Science, Dianna’s role will shape and strengthen the ecosystem we are trying to build. Form overseeing our multi-stage assessment process to defining the goals and targets that will define their early journey and stimulate fundraising triggers. Here Dianna explains how Consilience Ventures will find, attract and nurture new talent.

Future of Angel Investing event hosted at the Microsoft Reactor London

On May 31st, 2019 Consilience Ventures hosted an event in London to divulge and discuss some of their ambitious and highly disruptive plans for start-up financing. Entitled ‘The future of Angel Investing’ the event was in collaboration with Microsoft Accelerator and held at Microsoft Reactor in London. Among the speakers was  Anne-Claire Lo Bianco, Community and VC Manager at Microsoft for Startups (London), Andy Davies Director, Backstage Capital,  Kevin Monserrat, CEO,  and a fascinating panel discussion about ‘Females in Fintech’ featuring Eniga de Montfort and Tracy Wood who are some of the first experts to join our invite-only network..

CEO Kevin Monserrat Explains how Consilience Ventures is disrupting the VC market

Kevin’s passion and commitment for CV needs no introduction, but perhaps his 5-year vision for the business does. As a former Head of Ecosystem at Microsoft Scale Up London, his track record of finding and mentoring start-ups is well proven, but in this video he also explains where current fundraising models have been failing and frustrating both Investors and Founders. In just one example, he reveals how founders could be saving around 60% of their time in fundraising rounds.

Tracy Wood - Why I joined the Consilience Ventures Expert Network

The Expert’s journey is one few Incubators and Accelerators concern themselves with, and yet how else can you guarantee not just high calibre mentors but also their commitment moving forwards? Tracy is co-founder of Renegade, a full service agency that will help both CV and its community to use small start-up budgets to maximum effect. Here she explains why the CV ecosystem model is already so attractive to Experts, underpinned as it is by a unique ‘tokenomic’ model that will directly stimulate their involvement and value to the whole community.

How our Cayman Island Trust is advancing Consilience Ventures growth

Cayman Islands Trust may not be the friendliest of words – but it’s vitally important to what CV is and aspires to be. Paul’s role in defining and developing how this system will work is especially challenging because current UK tax legislation doesn’t even cover what we’re doing. Here he explains why CV’s unique community currency model will effectively create conditions for the ‘big-bang’ community expansion following launch. Oh, and he also outlines how all this can be delivered with zero management, carry or transaction fees for Investors, and everyone benefiting from the IP value developed over time.

Meet Rad our Chief Data Scientist talking investors through value creation & Tokenomics

Chief Data Scientist Rad, has championed start-ups for over 20 years, so when he talks about what an entrepreneurial community really needs to fuel explosive growth, people tend to listen. CV’s ‘Tokenomics’ model is not some symbolic value system, it has been designed to underpin and quantify the concept of ‘skin-in-the-game’. In this video he explains how this data-based and driven model will work, to turbo-charge the innovation, growth and sustainability needed for rapid and effective investment in individual companies and – by extension – the entire CV portfolio.

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