We are opening up a desirable asset class that provides sophisticated and savvy investors with greater transparency and liquidity with out investment fees and carry.

Providing smart investment opportunities for savvy investors

We believe that the traditional VC model is broken – according to Harvard Business School, around 75% of VC-backed startups fail. We feel this is because startup, investor and expert interests and agendas are not aligned.

We embrace founder pain points:

We encourage our startups to share their challenges, large and small, and to collaborate with our network to access and create value.  It’s not just our capital, it’s our experience and experts that help our founders identify and overcome the real blockers to their business growth. 

Fast-track Sprint Finance:

The current system encourages startup founders to fixate on fundraising to achieve a higher valuation. We see founders spending nearly 60% of their time on raising capital for future funding rounds. Our proprietary ‘Sprint Finance” model has been developed to incrementally fund our portfolio companies in smaller tranches throughout the startup lifecycle, with more funds being released on a success basis, allowing us to mitigate risk, and founders to focus on creating real value.

Access to more than capital:

Our startups partner with us because they recognise that the biggest thing they need, next to capital, is professional services – from IP lawyers, to Data Scientists, to PR Experts to a whole host of other experts and practitioners. Our Global Expert Network (GEN) is a curated network of diverse senior business professionals who have typically been working with startups for ten to fifteen years. They understand the challenges and opportunities startups face and are incentivised by the opportunity to build and grow the portfolio value.

In a high-risk sector we believe in setting the bar high

Our multi-stage startup selection process goes far beyond the industry-standard screening, due diligence and selection. We look at our potential investments through multiple lenses, using our experience, our data, and our planning conversations to truly understand the risks, investment required, and potential rewards of each investment. 

When investing in high technology businesses that are poised for growth, timing is everything. We look to back the kind of disruptive and innovative startups that will become the big success stories of tomorrow.  We do this by nurturing an ecosystem that delivers value, quality and transparency.

Value Creation

We provide our startups with more than just capital: 

  • Access to Markets – through our corporate partnerships with large multinational banks and technology providers, we can connect our startups with markets and clients they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.
  • Innovation in Education – our connections to leading Universities and academic research centres gives us access to the best in emerging talent, technology and innovation.
  • Government Access – we work with policy makers on topics around evolving technologies, ensuring our startups have influence in creating legal and regulatory environments that will benefit all.
  • Sustainable investing – the current model continues to value financial returns over the value companies offer society. We believe that the VC market can return both if done correctly. We are focused on the sustainability of our investments – creating a portfolio of profitable startups that also improve the world we live in.


We’ve spent the past two years mapping, building, inviting, screening, interviewing, vetting and voting in our community of experts, investors and startups to ensure we have one of the most aligned networks in the market.

  • The power of our curated invite-only network is that all experts are incentivised by having “skin in the game” with the startups they work with – quality work builds a shared journey to success.
  • The network will continue to select new members and startups and will evaluate the work created; collaborative decision-making has been shown to improve the quality of decisions and outcomes.


We offer investors access to a highly vetted portfolio of innovative startups ready to scale. Investors are a key partner of the journey and we have set exacting standards for information to ensure investors have full transparency.

  • Technology – built on blockchain, our technology has trust, security and consensus at its core.
  • Ways of working – decisions on membership, evaluations of product quality, assessments of sprints – these all take place within the network, with key information being shared with members, transparently.
  • Best practice – is embedded in our infrastructure, meaning our members will learn from past successes and mistakes and can access advanced reporting and analytics.

Our Vision

Our Values

Our senior team built Consilience Ventures as a result of dissatisfaction with the traditional VC approach to funding startups. We feel that the “spray and pray” approach to funding companies isn’t sustainable. We are working to:

Reduce risk

We only continue to fund companies that meet our ‘Sprint Finance Roadmap’ targets for each sprint. By funding in smaller tranches we will only continue to fund companies we are confident will provide us with a significant ROI. 

Open up an asset class

Investing in early stage businesses is inherently complex but as an asset class it has the potential to outperform all others.  Our Global Expert Network (GEN) members provide diverse perspectives and solid strategic advice for us on complex propositions. Their input and expertise ensures only the best businesses are voted into the ecosystem.

Provide more control

As an investor, you see the deal flow and will vote on investments.  You also have the ability to invest directly into the startups, whilst still benefiting from value-added due diligence produced by our Review Committee, GEN members and other investors.  



We believe that Start-Ups deserve Faster and Smarter Financing