We give you full control and liquidity with no fees.


Providing curated investment opportunities for savvy investors

Consilience Ventures is an online acceleration platform empowering a community of promising start-ups, top-tier experts and sophisticated investors to take advantage of our Capital as a Service model. Our Sprint Financing method uses its own currency called Digital Shares (DS), enabling founders to focus on the most important elements of their growth. We are uniquely positioned to attract the best start-ups and collaborate with world-class institutional investors, governments and corporations.

Consilience Ventures is a platform focused on unlocking the value between business experts, investors and start-ups.

Our members are benefiting from the value creation that doesn’t charge investment fees, creating a faster route to value creation. Under the current status quo, 40% of your money invested in start-ups is currently funding the cost of future fundraising rounds, resulting in an immediate penalty in the returns they can achieve.  

We eliminate these fees so you can share in the growth of the entire portfolio, not just your original investment.

The way it works is: handpicked start-ups transfer their shares to Consilience Ventures and receive the equivalent value in Digital Shares. CV Digital Shares can be traded against time from experts or against capital from investors.

You also benefit from the work and expertise of a curated network of experts that are focused on driving growth of the portfolio and who are incentivised by having a shared investment journey.


Consilience Ventures is a curated invite-only platform for Angel and High Net Worth investors. We would be delighted to hear from you if you want to further diversify your portfolio of start-ups and scale-ups, that have been vetted via our rigorous due diligence process We believe we offer one of the most exciting asset classes out there. We have also invested heavily in our post investment portfolio monitoring to ensure you receive updates in a timely manner. If you would like to know more about our network please send us a request to be invited to our community via the contact page.

Our mission


Our platform offers online learning, measurement system data and market insights for start-ups.

This is then layered with best practice investment strategies and transparency for investors to ensure we offer easy investable assets that can help lower dilution and mitigate your risk.

Network quality control

Our invite-only expert network has been carefully curated by the senior team and ecosystem members using rigorous entry criteria to ensure that only the highest calibre of experts make it through the selection process.

Our network enables us to make smart investing simple while maximising outcomes. 

Zero investment fee & sprint financing

Our Capital as a Service (CaaS) approach to finance is to fund start-up growth using an iterative and incremental approach with measurable goals, to create a flexible environment of innovation.

We believe that the value of a start-up is inherently linked to what is achieved in a particular sprint. This enables us to empower investors with a zero investment fee structure and to have higher visibility of our start-ups use of the funds.

Consilience Ventures for Investors

Our values

Bringing the source of the capital closer to its use

Reduced liability

Our entrepreneurial currency is backed by start-up equities, which can be used as a unit of exchange for Digital Shares (CVDS). The value of CVDS increases as our portfolio flourishes.

Opening up an asset class

Investing in start-ups is inherently complex and carries a high risk but as an asset class this method of investment has the potential to out perform all others. Our curated approach ensures only the best deal flow is voted into the ecosystem.

More control

Our voting system gives you the ability to invest directly into start-ups, whilst benefiting from a value-added due diligence produced by our curated and vetted network of experts and investors.