Consilience Ventures

In science and history, consilience (also convergence of evidence or concordance of evidence) refers to the principle that evidence from independent, unrelated sources can “converge” on strong conclusions. That is, when multiple sources of evidence are in agreement, the conclusion can be very strong even when none of the individual sources of evidence is significantly so on its own. Most established scientific knowledge is supported by a convergence of evidence: if not, the evidence is comparatively weak, and there will not likely be a strong scientific consensus.

Entrepreneurship next generation

While becoming an entrepreneur has never been easier, Start-Up success remains elusive as ever. Amid dire survival rates, Start-Up credos crusading variant philosophies of discipline have emerged., Yet, the industry persists in a commotion of hype and palliative jargon. Whilst evidences of Start-Up success remain ostensible at best, strong leadership yields to the mighty herd. Capital converges headlong on the latest and consequential innovation is dispossessed. In a system of supposed hyper-connectivity, experiential knowledge continues to accrue in isolation. Entrepreneurial stakeholders lack collective clarity and a true sense of vision for how we can collaboratively create more productive, innovative, and prosperous Start-Up ecosystems.

Until now, entrepreneurship knowledge and best practices have remained ad hoc. In a market shaped by (information) asymmetry, the best insight is naturally privileged. And despite considerable resources spent attracting Investors, advisors, and other oracles of wisdom, incentives are seldom aligned, and Start-Up needs often take the backseat. As a result, Start-Ups endure costly missteps, wasted resources, and a degree of liability that real-world businesses, and their stakeholders, cannot accept.

Consilience Ventures is the first to change this dynamic by bringing together a carefully selected network of industry leaders and Experts, Investors, and Start-Ups whose interests are inextricably linked toward a single purpose – accelerated Start-Up growth. Our Platform is designed to systematically capture experiential knowledge and entrepreneurial best practices, and relentlessly embed these insights into critical decisions throughout the Start-Up lifecycle. Because knowledge sharing drives innovation potential, we focus on the systemization of the entrepreneurial process, and optimization of dynamics between critical stakeholders. What follows is an ecosystem which leverages powerful network effects to drive faster, more impactful, and more profitable growth than possible by the industry today.

Consilience Ventures envisions a more efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem that puts the needs of Start-Ups first, by design. Our multi-sided fee-free Platform supports incubation, acceleration, mentoring, research, and data analytics throughout the entirety of the Start-Up lifecycle. We leverage a blend of emerging tech to unlock a host of decisive opportunities. Blockchain is used to enable trust between ecosystem participants, manage sensitive information and support our Platform business model at scale. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will be used to structure and convert captured tacit knowledge into best practices and drive algorithmic governance. Put simply, Consilience Ventures is an equity conversion Platform and decentralized growth infrastructure for achieving more successful Start-Up outcomes. An infrastructure that is open-source and free to evolve, and which has no single point of failure.

Protecting investors and experts

An alternative start-up ecosystem that enables traditionally low-risk investors to invest in high growth tech businesses. Family Offices, for example, must choose between: investing directly (high risk and don’t have the skills or time), or have VCs do it for them (forced to pay high fees, and have poor visibility of investment performance).

Consilience Ventures charges zero fees to investors. It is essentially an invitation-only community comprising investors, start-ups and advisors, whose interests are aligned by a token based ‘Digital Share’ (a token – but not Bitcoin!). Token value is expected to reflect the aggregate value of the entire portfolio as it grows (and as exits occur), so all token holders benefit – at far lower risk than equity in a single start-up.

Better risk management

Liquidity is built-in – users can exchange their tokens for cash via the CV online platform. This AI-powered platform also provides far greater transparency by analysing and reporting start-up performance on a continuous basis and in unprecedented detail. These proprietary metrics are also used to drive CV’s unique funding model – Sprint Financing – that enables CEOs to focus completely on growing the business, rather than having to go part-time for long periods while raising successive VC investment rounds.