It's time to raise finance the right way.

How can we help you?

We accelerate start-up growth

We recognise that start-up companies need to raise funds, scale strategic growth and win business – but traditional fund-raising models can prove inflexible and time-consuming for Founders. We know that you need access to leading industry experts and service providers that will actually help you achieve your long term objectives.

This is where Consilience Ventures can help you. We are an exclusive community of start-ups, experienced investors and top-tier business experts, with a mission to provide world-class acceleration and the highest possible return on investment.

Our network’s unique approach is designed to offer fast-track financing and professional support through a robust infrastructure based on blockchain technology allocated through our digital share model.

Sophisticated AI is built in to support the entrepreneurs journey, automatically advising you on your best moves for future growth and the expert business services available through our curated network.


Consilience Ventures is a curated invite only platform and we would like to hear from  you if you think you have a promising start-up that meets our criteria. If you would like to know more about our network please read  get in touch via the contact button above.

Our mission

Empowering you to keep your independence

    • Consilience Ventures does not take any board seats
    • Gain access to growth generation and acceleration opportunities
    • Consilience Ventures is the only entity you need to deal with

Capital as a Service (CaaS) & sprint financing

    • Consilience Ventures co-invests alongside traditional investors like VCs, Business Angels and family offices through our CaaS model to ensure we can provide you with capital investment to help catalyse strategic growth.
    • Take investment and acquire resources according to your needs based on our “Sprint Financing” method.

Zero investment fee & high capacity

    • Consilience Ventures does not require any fees for direct investment via our ecosystem
    • Consilience Ventures will partner with you through all your rounds of fundraising as we believe in a shared journey

Consilience Ventures for Start-ups

Helping you focus on what matters


We don’t shy away from the problems facing our founders, we embrace them. Butwe believe that empowering you with solutions to scale your businesses is just one part of our journey together.

Expertise and support isn’t just limited to our team; at any time the community can request or provide help in exchange for CVDS. 

The Global Network of top tier experts

Our curated community has one goal in common, to make the Consilince Ventures Digital Share (CVDS) grow in value. The only way to achieve that is to grow the portfolio value through meaningful interactions.

The network is curated and people are continuously rewarded for the value they bring to the community.

One size does not fit all...

We know that your business is as unique as you are and as a result a one size fits all approach to accelerating your business is never going to work. 

We believe in adding value and having meaningful interactions with our founders.