consilience ventures for startups

The Founding teams we work with, like that our agile Sprint Financing model, combined with sophisticated AI and powerful Global Expert Network means we are able to accelerate growth to take your business further than a Traditional VC.

Startup Acceleration – with Ease

Our unique approach offers founders fast-track financing through our “Sprint Finance” methodology. Our Review Committee works with you in the early stages to understand the challenges your business faces.Together, we will develop a robust roadmap that charts a clear path to growth and profitability, supported by finance and expertise as you hit your milestones along the way.

Startup Acceleration – with Intelligence

We are building a sophisticated AI to support your entrepreneurial journey. It uses data from startups across industries, business models and maturity to advise you on the best strategies and actions for future growth. This proprietary technology, plus our extensive experience allows us to assess startup health from every angle and to work with you to identify best practice for your next steps.

Startup Acceleration – with Quality

Founders tell us that, after capital, access to an A-list of leading industry experts and service providers is crucial to a startup’s success. CV’s network is built, curated, and run by its members, which means that quality is designed in and maintained as services and advice are delivered and rated.Great people and stronger accountability designed to deliver more consistent and higher quality work.


Helping you focus on on what matters to grow your business

Our Approach to working with startups

Finding Solutions

We don’t shy away from the problems facing our founders – we embrace them. We put our data and our expertise to work to think differently about your toughest challenges and to empower you with solutions to scale your business.   

And it isn’t just limited to our team – at any time you can access support from our vetted GEN members who’ve been matched to your challenges based on their expertise.  

Access to Experts – The Global Expert Network (GEN)

We’ve spent two years building a diverse and global network of top-tier professional experts. Each member is interviewed, reviewed and voted for by our Review Committee to ensure we’re building a network of true quality and expertise. Our GEN members typically have ten to fifteen years experience and are recognised as thought leaders and professionals.They share the common goal of making the CV portfolio grow in value, by providing meaningful advice and impactful work to our startups.

The network is constantly curated and its members are rewarded for the value they bring to the community.  

Recognising your startup’s unique path and capabilities

Cookie-cutter acceleration doesn’t work.  We know that your business is as unique as you are, and as a result a one-size-fits-all approach to accelerating your business just won’t work.

That’s why in the early stages of working together, we make it our mission to really understand your business and co-create a Sprint Finance Roadmap that reflects your immediate and longer terms needs.  Data-driven evaluation at the end of Sprints gives us scope to re-assess and adapt to new conditions and knowledge, and further adapt the Roadmap to meet your business needs. 

Find out how we select our Experts

We have spent the past two years curating a network of global experts that are focused on your startup’s strategic growth.